Representative locations for Central Europe.

The site of our headquarter at the heart of Europe offers ideal conditions for international research and development. Our trial facility Gerhaus, located in the three-nation triangle of  Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, is characterized by the Pannonian climate, offering typical conditions for many areas of Central and Eastern Europe. Our affiliate in Uherský Ostroh (South Moravia) and other trial sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are  dominated by this climate. The fertile land found at sites forms the perfect basis for growing a wide range of crops.

Trial facility Gerhaus
2471 Rohrau
GPS: ATC Gerhaus = N 48.044328°, E 16.865913°

Trial facility Uherský Ostroh
organizační složka, Blatnická 179
687 24 Uherský Ostroh
Czech Republic
GPS: Uhersky Ostroh = N 48.979997°, E 17.414514°